AALA Listserv – Join now

As an AALA member, you have access to the members-only listserv.  AALA has recently transitioned its ListServ platform from our long-standing partners at the University of Arkansas and National Agricultural Law Center to a new host of Yahoo Groups.  In late December 2015 , invitations were emailed to existing AALA List Serv Members to join this new platform.  The AALA ListServ on Yahoo Groups acts as a full discussion board, which organizes conversations by topic and creates a searchable archive.  Individually, you can adjust your account settings to receive individual emails as new topics are posted or to receive daily digests.  You may also elect to have an EMAIL ONLY access which does not require a Yahoo! account.

Joining the ListServ

The AALA ListServ is functioning as a private discussion group which is open only to members in order to facilitate better management and reduce the potential for spam. To join the ListServ, you must respond to a time sensitive email invitation within 30 days.  To request an invitation to join the ListServ, email Kristy Ellenberg at [email protected]